BIOTURM natural cosmetics - helps the skin to heal!

BIOTURM natural cosmetics - helps the skin to heal!

Bioturm is the specialist in effective and certified natural cosmetics with great variety, especially for problematic skin. Due to the combination of our lacto-intensive active complex out of organic whey and precious other ingredients, this products are very well tolerated and care for a fresh and moisturised skin.


Besides high quality oils and plant extracts of organic cultivation we are also using special substances of unique efficiency. On the following pages you can learn more about these special ingredients.

Urea - a unique active ingredient

Urea is being used successfully to treat problematic and dry skin, neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Especially the combination with our lacto-intensive active complex is unique and helps to improve well-being of persons affected. Bioturm often get a positive feed-back from their customers telling us how satisfied they are with our products.

Micro silver

Micro silver is a special form of pure silver with a spongy increased surface. Due to the large surface, bacterial and viral germs as well as fungicides can be bound and rendered harmless. Besides the ability to bind harmful germs on the skin, the soothing effect of silver on irritated skin has been known for years. Micro silver has excellent properties: it has antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimycotic effects. Therefore it is used successfully in therapy-related care of neurodermatitis and psoriasis and in case of impure skin.

Lacto-intensive active complex

The lacto-intensive active complex contains many ingredients which can be found in a very similar composition in the natural skin milieu: whey proteins and amino acids, lactic acid and its salts, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates and vitamins. Thus, already the base of the products is compliant with the skin and very well tolerated. It causes a normalisation of the skin flora and the acid mantle. Natural lactic acid, essential amino acids, trace elements etc. are well absorbed by the skin and normalise the skin's moisture level.

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