Not sure which shade to choose?

Not sure which shade to choose?

How to determine your skin tone before buying Everyday Minerals base:

  1. Which color are your veins? Check the inside of your wrist in good light. Your veins will either look blue, green, or a mixture of both.
  2. What is your natural hair color?
  3. What color are your eyes?
  4. What is your skintone? Fair, Light, Medium or Tan.

The number alongside each base shade indicates depth of color: 0 is lightest and 7 is deepest.

The letter is for undertone. W is for Warm: if you tan easily and look best in gold jewelry and earth-tone colors, your skin has warm, golden undertones. C is for Cool: if you burn easily and look best in silver jewelry and bright jewel-tone colors, your skin has cool, rosy undertones. N is for Neutral: if you look equally good in gold and silver jewelry, and can wear almost any color, your undertones are likely neutral.

Select your formula:

  • Matte - Offers a matte finish and long-lasting wear. Loose mineral powders diffuse easily giving a flawless application that never looks streaky.
  • Jojoba - Provides full and even coverage, while giving your skin a natural glow look. Ideal for normal to thirsty skin. Jojoba bases are expertly crafted using premium mica crystals and jojoba esters. The mica adds natural illumination to your skin, while the jojoba esters have a buttery yet light texture, making these bases completely unique.
  • Semi-Matte - Provides an instant radiance and a natural luminosity, leaving behind a soft finish with a healthy glow for all skin types.

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